What Is Auto Smart Repair

You've no doubt heard a lot about SMART repair for vehicles, but you may not understand exactly what that involves. Below, you'll see everything you need to know about this form of car repair and how it could be just the perfect option for you.

SMART repair stands for "Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques." It started in the U.S. around 1990. The premise behind this kind of auto body repair technique is that it can be used to fix small areas that might have scratches, scrapes, dents, dings, or other damage. Before SMART repair, these sorts of damage had to be corrected in a body shop. Now, this damage may be repaired by a mobile technician. SMART repair specialists are highly trained and very skilled in their trade. These people will come to your work or home and handle the repair work. All they require is to have sufficient space for their truck and power accessibility. Most of the SMART repairs can be done in about an hour or so.

There are many areas of your car that SMART repairs can be performed on. Some of the most common are bumpers, alloy wheels, and leather seats. All of these areas are often damaged and regular repair works at body shops could be quite pricey. SMART repair, though, is much more economical because there is very little overhead required, especially with the mobile repair trucks.semi truck and trailer repair near me

The methods used in SMART repairs are very specialized and include the use of unique tools and equipment. For example, a technician might use a specific tool to massage the metal from behind a panel to remove a dent. This approach allows for the dent removal without having to take off the panel. Also, since the dents and dings are fixed from behind, there is no need for painting except if there is already a scrape or scratch. This saves you time and money. Paint jobs can be quite costly, so whenever you can avoid this, it is a good deal.


When it comes to leather seats, cigarette burns, cuts, and tears are very typical. Replacing your car's leather seats could be really expensive. There are SMART repair practices that allow the specialists to correct those sorts of damage so you really don't have to replace your leather seats. Also, even other damages like fading or cracking could be fixed. This is one area of SMART repair that can save you hundreds of dollars over traditional leather seat repair costs.

If you need dent removal, bumper repair, leather seat repair, or other similar types of repairs, speak to a qualified SMART repair provider. They will be able to give you more info on how they can help and show you how these repairs could save you time and money. semi truck and trailer repair near me

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